We have developed programming, systems, and procedures to maximize recoveries with a special emphasis on retaining banking customers. Our system has increased customer retention for some banks by 50% as well as recovered the negative balances of these customers.

  • Overdrawn checking accounts
  • Loans – our systematic approach maximizes recoveries secured and unsecured loans, credit cards, student loans, commercial lending, and much more
  • Automated System: Starts, stops, and partial payments, paid in full’s and customer data adjustment are updated daily “hands-free” though a simple upload.


We perform consumer collections in a diplomatic yet effective manner. Our policy is to collect in a timely fashion using diplomacy, as well as firmness, motivating people to meet their obligations to our Clients. Our services can be custom-designed to meet specific requirements with time proven programs that recover delinquent accounts, speed up “slow pay”, and are very effective on NSF check collections.

  • We gain a complete understanding of our Client’s collection needs, business philosophy, and their expectations.
  • We communicate and train our staff to meet our Client’s needs and expectations.
  • We utilize the latest technologies to increase productivity.
  • We employ 3rd part intervention, accurate and responsive credit reporting, comprehensive skip tracing and collection triggers to get you your money.


Most companies in financial hardship do not have resources to pay everyone, so typically they pay vendors who are applying the most continuous, professional contact with the company. Consistent pursuit is the key to effective collections for commercial accounts. Early identification and timely placement of accounts also has a significant impact on collectability because most company’s cash-flow continues to get worse before it improves.

Commercial Collection Department: Our dedicated staff of professional commercial collection specialists have both experience and technology at their fingertips to maximize recovery.


Regardless of whether you have a large medical practice or a single practitioner, cash flow is negatively affected by slow-paying patients and unresolved insurance claims. Sentry Credit’s 3rd party intervention gets more of the healthcare professionals’ money to them quicker.


We provide several services and programs that decrease outstanding cash-flow and provide a loan recovery cycle that assists you in Loan Delinquency Management/Aversion, post default and collections. Our educational receivables management system includes the following:

  • Portfolio Reviews: We will assist in designing and implementing cost effect portfolio examination solutions for colleges and universities.
  • Cohort Default Management: We use customized collection letters and telephone contact campaigns to maximize contacting borrowers that the institution may not have the internal resources to do.
  • Borrower Notification and Pre Default Letter service: This allows us the opportunity to communicate with the borrower and re-direct the borrower to either your institution or Sentry Credit so that the situation can be resolved.
  • Default Prevention: We work with lenders and services to assist in the process of bringing delinquent accounts current before they enter into a default status.
  • Post-Default Collection Services: We provide a wide range of Accounts Receivable Management and Collection programs that provide a complete receivable management and recovery service.