About Sentry Credit

Sentry Credit, Inc. was founded by two young men who previously had worked as collection managers for a large national agency. Their experiences led them to believe they knew a better way. In June of 1992, their vision was realized, as Sentry Credit was born.

Their mission was to create an agency that broke the mold of stereo-typical, old-school agencies and their tactics. At first, they solicited business and collected it themselves. Momentum began to build as clients noticed them doing things the right way and garnering positive results. Soon, their success called for more staff and more space.

In 1997, they leased a large office space in a bank building in Everett, WA. In 2002, they purchased their own building in Everett, and they were off and running. In June 2007, they opened a 2nd office in Vancouver, WA. As of 2009, Sentry claims approximately 200 collectors, a full-service legal department, a highly-skilled and adaptable client services department, a cutting-edge I.T. department, and an ever-watchful Compliance department.

Sentry Credit is committed to compassionate collections; always ensuring that every consumer is treated fairly and with respect. Collectors are trained to find ways to resolve problems and overcome obstacles. We believe every interaction should be conducted with patience, persistence, and professionalism.

We know in these trying and troubling economic times, we possess the power to impact people’s lives in a very positive way. We understand that usually there are valid reasons why a bill went unpaid, and we are willing to listen and help figure a way out. We are messengers of hope on the front lines of the economic recovery; waging our struggle against despair one phone call at a time.